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Praise for AB(zero)C

"Delightful for children of all ages, this book presents 26 different ways we can lower our carbon footprint, from 'A is for Air; it’ll get your wash dry. The physics is simple: a breeze, sun and sky' to 'Y is for You, you’re a real climate hero! You’re bringing your footprint down closer to Zero!' We highly suggest you grab a copy for yourself, or request that a  copy be purchased by your local library."

Raising Global Kidizens

"Here’s a really fun, interactive A–Z alphabet book. The book follows an eco-friendly theme and introduces the reader to an array of green concepts and best practices. A wonderful opener for conversations about sustainability and as a way of introducing these ideas to young people for the first time. Some of the letters include an activity, which is absolutely perfect for teachers or homeschool lessons. Really cool topic 🌍 a better planet earth begins with educating our children and helping them develop positive habits. ❤️🌎♻️"

Children's Bookshelf

"The larger world is finally waking up to climate change. It’s taken fires and droughts and tornadoes to jolt folks. Randi has been on the forefront."

– Istar Schwager, PhD, former Director of Research, Children’s Television Workshop Publishing Division

"Randi Hacker's latest abecedary employs the tightest rhyme scheme I've seen in years, and has a place on the shelves of any library serving kids. Text and illustrations will charm and educate younger readers, while adult readers will marvel at Hacker's rhythm and cleverness in crafting rhymes about a sometimes dry subject matter."

– Daniel Coleman, Collection Development Librarian, Lawrence (KS) Public Library

"AB(zero)C inspires everyday actions that young people can take to support a resilient planet and make a difference. This is a valuable primer for youngsters who are acutely aware of humanity's impact on the environment, and who want to live their lives in right relationship with Earth. And the artwork is joyous and glorious."

– Sami Aaron, Chair and Treasurer, The Resilient Activist

AB(zero)C cover2.jpg

By Randi Hacker

Illustrations by Mary Camille Connolly

Retailers can order AB(zero)C on Ingram.

REVIEWERS: For a review copy, please contact us here or email us at

AB(zero)C is an alphabet book that gives children information, courage and hope. Each rhyming verse embodies a concept that can open a discussion between parent and child about what is happening with climate change, how we will face it and ways we can live on our wounded planet without wounding it further. The illustrations are watercolor paintings by Mary Camille Connolly, who also illustrated M is for Masks, HPB’s coronavirus alphabet book.

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