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The First 100 Days Project

Home Planet Books supports President Biden’s stated plan to immediately rejoin the Paris Agreement and hit the ground running on coronavirus action in his first 100 days.

So, between January 20, 2021 and April 30, 2021, a portion of whatever profit we make from the sale of each of our books, Life on a Different Planet and M is for Masks, will be donated to environmental groups and covid relief/healthcare workers, respectively.

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Life on a Different Planet.jpg

A Partnership with Independent Bookstores

Home Planet Books would love to partner with local bookstores to help sell books and generate donations. HPB is kicking off this initiative in partnership with Bear Pond Books (in Montpelier, VT), Phoenix Books (in all its Vermont locations), and The Raven (in Lawrence, KS).


Interested bookstores can easily become part of the First 100 Days Project by contacting us at to sign up.

Free Masks!

A big, loud THANK YOU to Soul Perch, who donated 150 masks to the First 100 Days Project. Among our participating bookstores, a total of 150 masks will be given away, one with each copy purchased of M is for Masks.

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