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Life on a Different Planet

This book was part of our First 100 Days Project

Life on a Different Planet.jpg

By Randi Hacker

Book design by Carolyn Brown & Jon Bransky

Illustrated by Ron Barrett

Endorsed by 100 Grannies for a Livable Future

Welcome to life on a different planet.


And by "different planet", of course, we don't mean Mars or Saturn or even Betelgeuse 5. We mean Earth, which is turning into a different and less familiar planet before our very eyes because of climate change. This book is kids' field guide to life on this new version of Earth. It gives them the information they need to understand what's happening and to adapt to a new environment, it empowers them to take action that will change the behaviors that got us into this mess, and it guides them in ways to imagine and realize a new world that is better than the one they are inheriting.


It's a big job. Let's get started.


(For middle school students and up)

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